Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Workwear Essentials for Summer

A working woman is a busy woman and we commend you all for showing the world what us professionals are made of! Getting ready for work shouldn't be a job on its own... But we know well that when the summer heat gets thrown into the mix, dressing professional can get tricky. Have no fear all you powerful working ladies. We have five pieces that will save you this summer when you rise and shine and get on your work day grind. ;)

An Easy Jumpsuit

We can guarantee that a jumpsuit will quickly become your absolute favorite summer piece (for work and for play)! Not only is this one of the trendiest pieces on the market right now, it is also the easiest, considering you have an entire outfit in one article of clothing! Forget those stressful mornings trying to match your skirt to your shirt. Simply throw on your jumpsuit and you will be out the door in no time!

A White Blouse

Of course, we also love this completely timeless essential. A white button-up will never go out of style and will forever be the ultimate office-appropriate piece. Because of its classic appeal, you can totally get away with having some fun with the rest of your look! Mix it up and pair this basic with a pair of fun trousers. Keep the shoes simple and professional to complete a totally chic workplace look. 

Professional Shorts

Although we definitely live for the summertime sun, the heat can quickly get to us all, which makes wearing layers seem like a miserable task. Thank goodness stores are full of amazing professional shorts! Seriously, this summer essential has made a complete transformation from Daisy Dukes to Sophisticated Sallys. Find a pair that hit just above the knee (an appropriate length) and pair them with a more conservative top and shoe. Since you're showing some skin on the bottom, it's never a bad idea to stay a bit more covered on top. For those balmy days, shorts are the way to go!

A Pencil Skirt 

Here's another traditional workplace piece that has evolved to become totally trendy. With so many fun patterns, textures, and fabrics (like Samantha's periwinkle leather), the pencil skirt is a great way to show some personality in your look while remaining ultra sophisticated. This look is perfect for that important presentation. Just pair it with a basic conservative top, heels, and the confidence to match!

A Lightweight White Blazer

A blazer can professionalize any look. Like Bri, you can even pair it with some distressed jeans to create a go-to for Casual Friday. Who doesn't love a sharp white shell?! Find one that's made of a lighter and looser material in order to stay cool while maintaining your client-ready look. Trust us, investing in a white blazer will be well worth your summertime spend allowance. It will be the perfect polishing touch to many warm weather outfits!

With these five summer essentials, you will surely be the most stylish worker in the office. Workwear can be fun! There are definitely ways to show your personality while still remaining professional. Dress in what brings you comfort and confidence. There will be no stopping you when you feel as good as you look. Not to mention, you will impress everyone around you with your newfound office-ready wardrobe. 

Truly Yours,

P.S. "Fashion is not about perfection. Fashion is about life. It's a factory of needs." - Alber Elbaz

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