Friday, July 25, 2014

Style Star: Simedar Jackson

It's true that we're always on the hunt for stylish stars around the city (and otherwise)... And that we're so thrilled when we find a fellow fashionista whose personal style shines through in all that they do. This month we're especially ecstatic to be featuring a fellow blogger as said style star. Meet Simedar Jackson, the bold woman behind Maison Noire. Simedar started Maison Noire because she has a passion for writing and fashion along with a strong voice that speaks for so many different women. Check out what she's doing and what she stands for by reading on. 

Simedar Jackson

How would you describe your personal style?
I think the best words to describe my style is edgy and urban. I love haute couture, but I’m more drawn to the brazen style of everyday wear when I get dressed in the morning. I’m also really tall, so I tend to get stares... I’ve taken that as an incentive to turn heads with my clothing choices. I’m the girl who wears a big faux fur coat to class or a white leather shift dress, just because. 

How has your personal style evolved throughout the years? 
Wow! It’s evolved so much! I’ve always been in love with clothes and fashion but it wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I was actually keeping up with the industry. Before that I just wore whatever I thought was cute (i.e lots and lots of Baby Phat). Now I’d like to think I’m more polished but still very much street style.

Where do you like to shop and why? 
I like to shop at NASTYGAL and Topshop because they always have pieces that keep up with the fashion world in real time - if not already ahead. Most mainstream stores tend to stock pieces that are currently trendy, but I like to be the one who wears something before it’s popular and tries out new trends. 

Who/what inspires you? 
Plus size bloggers are my biggest inspiration. They constantly remind me that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and make me feel beautiful despite the fact I’m not the size most people see in the fashion world and on fashion blogs. My favorite bloggers are Nadia Aboulhosn and GabiFresh. I also love Rihanna’s style because she clearly gives zero f**ks! 

Photos by Kayla Jones unless stated otherwise

What drove you to want to share your personal style with others through your blog?
My first reason for wanting to share my personal style is empowerment. I am part of certain cohorts that are severely under-represented and shamed in society (black women, curvy women and tall women). Following certain blogs featuring women that looked like me gave me the power to be confident in the midst of critics/hate, and I want to be one of those inspiring women for other girls out there who are still struggling with their confidence and identity. On top of that, I see fashion as a vehicle to express yourself and simultaneously inspire others. If I can inspire the people that read my blog by just being myself, whether it is to feel comfortable in their own skin or to wear that one outfit they never thought they could pull off, then I feel accomplished. 

What are three tips you would give about establishing a personal style? 
Tip one: Be true to yourself. The media will try to tell you what to do and what not to do in terms of fashion, but you should always do what feels and looks right to you. 

Tip two: Be confident! When you wear certain things people will ask questions and many won’t understand, but if you wear what you want with confidence their confusion often turns to wonder. I always get knocked when I wear heels because I’m 5’11” but I still have a closet full of pumps!  

Tip three: Be inspired. Check out other blogs, read fashion magazines, make a mood board! I find that surrounding myself with things that are aesthetically pleasing - either in my room or via social media - makes loving fashion and style that much more fulfilling. 

Photo by Lamar Isreal

To keep up with Simmi's empowering fashion mantras, follower her on Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to check back at Maison Noire for her frequent personal style posts. Her most recent post on Festival Inspiration is definitely a must-read! Since she works via tumblr, you can easily follow her so you won't miss a beat.

Truly Yours,

P.S. "I’m the girl who wears a big faux fur coat to class or a white leather shift dress, just because." - Simedar Jackson

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