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Paris Fall 2014 Couture Shows

Couture is our favorite art form! It's a beautiful expression of designers' most creative sides that we often don't get to see. Couture collectives give designers artistic freedom to design pieces that have meaning, embody controversial topics, and are all around outrageous. We love to see the purely artistic sides telling beautiful stories twice a year. Check out our favorite shows from the Fall 2014 couture shows.

Bri's Picks
The couture shows are just so spectacular. Seeing such extraordinary creations walk down the runways is beyond inspiring. I cannot even begin to comprehend some of the inspirations behind these works of art because they are just so unique and truly unbelievable at times. This season I really fell in love with the classic couture houses all over again. 

Starting with Chanel. Who cannot love Chanel?! I must confess that I do have a secret obsession with Karl Lagerfeld. I like to think that he is my spirit animal. :) I am completely in awe of this collection. I loved seeing how he took the classic Chanel tweed coat and completely transformed it into modern-day masterpieces. The collection continued and transformed from the classic Chanel we know and love into some of the most exquisitely crafted silhouettes and moldings.

The details, the embellishments, the colors, silhouettes, and styling. I do always love Lagerfeld's work. He truly is one of this industry's most creative minds and this collection has me hooked once again. Thank you Karl. 

Now to Dior, another classic couture house. Raf Simons has created a beautiful collection with modern silhouettes along with baroque-like details. I absolutely love how the use of pastels is being stretched into the colder months. The color scheme is just so beautiful and really can be worn all year round. It was cool to see a concept that involved such volumunous dresses against these extremely tailored, streamline coats and trousers. The contrast was beautiful. 

The looks were impeccably styled with the pops of color in the accessories, which were also incorporated throughout some of the designs. Both these collections did have a lot in common, surprisingly. Both played with the use of this exaggerated ball gown silhouette along with pastel color palates, and elaborate beadwork - trend alerts!! Both collections were crisp and clean cut which allowed the viewer to really take in the beauty of the pieces. Couture shows can often times become overwhelming, but these two designers did a beautiful job. 
Sam's Picks

I love couture shows because they inspire me to admire fashion as an art form. They give me a chance to look at fashion from other peoples' point of views, and not just from what I would wear. 

My absolute favorite show from couture week was definitely by Giambattista Valli. His show was so fresh and new and managed a completely different twist on couture. I was strongly inspired by the use of flower appliqué in so many unique ways. The texture play was impeccable and the color palate was so what I'm into right now. Perfection!

The streamline silhouettes, the headwraps, the sunglasses. It was all perfectly styled. With a parade of "eccentric" girls (as Giambattista says), the feel of a girl in the garden was a clear inspiration. 

Another one of my favorite shows was Armani Privé. The show was inspired by a laquée, or a lacquered box, which explodes with colors of red, white, and black. The looks did just that. They literally exploded with color and were like magic walking down the runway. 

The tulle texturing amazed me and the whole collection remained so true to the Armani Privé brand. I loved the whimsy that rang true throughout the entire collection. It was absolutely stunning. I recommend checking out the rest of the looks, for sure.

What was your favorite show? Check out all 16 shows at Style.com.

Truly Yours,
P.S. "Haute Couture should be fun, foolish, and almost unwearable." - Christian Lacroix

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