Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lollapalooza Essentials

It's time for Lollapalooza - a.k.a Chicago's greatest get-together! We have showed you our favorite festival trends, and now it's finally time to actually attend! With the long weekend ahead, there are many essentials that one must have to be prepared for anything and everything. Rain or shine, mid-rave or lawn chair, we have got you covered with our Lolla must-haves to ensure you have the most epic weekend ever. 

The Essentials:

1. Festival Backpack - Backpacks, like this one, are designed with crowds in mind. With the hidden back zipper, you can be assured that nothing will be stolen or fall out of your bag while remaining hands-free for plenty of dancing!

2. Hair Ties - Obviously! They're a necessity for life. When the sun starts beaming or you get all sweaty from grooving, there's nothing better than getting that heat-trapping hair out of your face. Keep these guys on hand and you'll be comfy all weekend.

3. Sun-protective Lip Balm - Keeping your lips hydrated and protected from those vicious UV rays is ALWAYS a good idea when you're in the sun for the entire weekend.

4. Sunglasses - Shade your eyes in style with a festive pair of sunnies. Not only will they compliment your ensemble, they'll allow you to refrain from squinting while jamming along with Lorde ;)

5. Phone Protection - With rain on the forecast and dirt being a never-ending festival battle, it never hurts to protect your delicate belongings. This bubble shield is a great option to keep water from killing your phone. For those of us who are on a budget, a plastic baggie works just as well.

6. Water Bottle - Don't forget your durable water bottle. Take advantage of Lollapalooza's complimentary water filling stations and save money by bringing your own drinkware.

7. Packable Parka - A packable parka will surely come in handy in case of drizzles. At a rain or shine event like Lolla, you must be prepared for anything! Running around in wet clothes all day is never fun.
8. Sunscreen - Always protect your body. Need we say more?

9. Card Pouch - Carry your money, ID, and cards in one secure wallet to be sure it doesn't get lost. Register for Lolla Cashless to eliminate pulling out your emergency cash and for easy checkout for food and drinks.

10. Floppy Hat - Keep the sun off your scalp and out of your face. The extra coverage will keep you cool and help you stay hydrated.

11. Weatherproof Shoes - Closed toe shoes will make for happy feet. Not only will you avoid getting stepped on, your feet will also stay clean, dry, and comfortable for an entire weekend of walking and dancing on a variety of surfaces.

With your bag packed and your body protected, you're sure to have a great time this weekend. Our advice? See as many acts as possible and enjoy every minute! Smartly and safely, of course. Happy Lollapalooza!

Truly Yours,

P.S. "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley 

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