Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY: Colorful Hangers

Remember when we told you just how important keeping your closet beautiful is to your wardrobe? Today we're sharing a great way to liven up your sanctuary in just a few easy steps. There are (surprisingly) so many ways out there in which you can personalize your hangers, and this beautiful yarn wrapping technique is one of them! The best part is, it's super inexpensive. For about $4 per skein of yarn, you can create plenty of crazy colorful hangers on which your clothes can live.

What You'll Need:
Hangers (wire or plastic work!)
A Skein of Yarn (multicolored looks fab)

Step one: Break the little hooks off the hanger (if you're using plastic hangers).

Step two: Tie the yarn in a knot around the neck of the hanger. 

Step three: Start wrapping around the body of the hanger. Be sure to cover the excess string and knot. Continue down and around the hanger.

Be sure to hold the yarn tight around the hanger as you are wrapping and try to not let excess string escape the ball of yarn. Avoid those nasty knots!

Step four: When you've gone around the entire bottom triangle of the hanger, wrap up the neck to the top of the hanger hook. Again, be sure the loops are tight around the plastic to avoid slipping.

Step five: Wrap back down the hanger hook, and tie a knot at the neck of the hanger. Cut the sting with about 4 inches left to knot around the neck.

Step six: Take an extra piece of yarn and create a bow to hide the knot (and, of course, for extra flair).

 You're ready to hang your clothes! Try different yarn textures and colors. The possibilities are endless! This is a craft you can really make all your own by mixing sting and having some fun!

 Truly Yours,

P.S. "Your closet needs to be a place of joy and celebration of who you are now." - Stacey London

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