Monday, July 14, 2014

90's Revivals

Today, we took a lovely trip back in time to when Clueless was on TV... It definitely used to be the highlight of our weekends. We've already thrown it back on Hump Day, but now we are throwing a full-on tribute to the wild 90's as they make an epic comeback. We're talking jellies, choker necklaces, overalls, and so much more! It's all reappearing and we completely love how all you stylish fashionistas are reinventing the best decade ever! Here are some of our absolute favorite revivals, along with where you can score these awesome looks!

Slip Dresses




Choker Necklaces

Fanny Packs



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P.S. "Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past." - Lana Del Rey

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