Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trendy Tech Accessories

It is true - the world has gone tech crazy! From smart phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, we are obviously obsessed with technology. Technology and fashion are two industries that seamlessly play off of one another to create completely genius inventions. As fashionistas and bloggers who live and breathe in this tech savvy world, we find it very important that our tech accessory game be in tip-top shape... Thank goodness for all the totally adorable trends in the electronic world! These five must-have types of tech accessories will add fun, functionality, and fabulousness to your everyday screen grabs. 

Phone Cases
Phone cases are so beyond just protecting our precious cargo. This season, cases are bigger, bolder, and totally whimsical, making these accessories complete statement pieces in your purse. 
For city folks especially, these bad boys are a necessity when it comes to long commutes. We love that these must-haves are becoming fashion statements all on their own and can totally make any outfit!

Portable Chargers
These are quite possibly the greatest inventions to compliment our modern age obsessions. Everyone can attest to the stress of that low battery symbol, but fear no more! With these totally stylish portable chargers, you can recharge no matter where your day takes you. We are especially fond of the emPOWERED brand (the purse seen below). The creative geniuses behind this label have made completely chic bags with built-in chargers. Yes, the chargers are built into the bags. If only we had thought of such a functional idea first!
Tablet Cases
These little life savers deserve to live in a stylish home! Check out these stylish sleeves that will keep your tablet protected and looking so chic. You wont even want to hide them in your bag!

For hangs at the beach, parties at the pad, or just days at the office, having a good set of speakers capable of blasting your favorite tunes is a must. This old school tech accessory has completely evolved beyond the boom box. They are now disguised as clutches, animals, logs... you name it, there is a speaker that looks like it!

With so many options, why not use these trending pieces to further express yourself? They are all so fun and so functional! Tweet at us to show us your favorite trending technology item. We would love to see how you all are embracing these joyous styles.

Truly Yours,

P.S. "The best in fashion and the best in tech can be described with one word: fearless. These sibling industries are coming together to shape the future. So maybe, just maybe, tech could be the new black." -Ashton Kutcher

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