Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Wardrobe Staples

We told you way back when just how important The Basic Necessities are, now we're back at it with a refresher for the summer sunshine. We can't express enough how much your wardrobe staples anchor your style. However, it is equally important to keep these basics up-to-date and ready to accompany whatever the season ahead brings. Today we break down 5 must-have summer silhouettes and 5 everyday accessories you're bound to wear out over these next three blissful months. 

#1 A Maxi Dress

We've said it so many times... Maxis are the absolute easiest piece in your closet - espeically for summer! We've shown you it's a packing essential, we've told you it can make an outfit you'll always count on, and we've even shown you how to wear it five ways. Need we say more?

#2 A Great Pair of Denim Shorts

Denim shorts can be another easy breezy go-to for any summer outfit. We love having multiple pairs on hand, actually... boyfriend, ripped, high-waisted... a girl can use them all! Boyfriend can make your look slouchy and cool while tailored can pull the same look together to make it professional.

#3 A Little White Dress

White is the new black... for summer anyways! A little white dress is so perfect for all your summer outings - from baby showers to picnics - you will look chic and put together in any white number. Pair it with a crazy heel for a pop of color or brighten it up with fun accessories. 

#4 A Tunic

We're all about ease during those hot and busy summer days when fussing about your outfit just isn't an option. A simple tunic has so much potential and gives you the ability to accessorize however you please! If you are feeling daring, pair it some knee high gladiators... We are obsessed. :)

#5 Lightweight Bottoms

When baring it all isn't what you're looking for, any kind of lightweight pants will turn into your best friend. If you're going out galavanting all day (we're thinking theme parks) or trying to cover a bit more skin at night (pesky mosquitos!) you'll look so comfy and extra summery in a linen pant.

Ours from J.Crew / Macy's / Anthropologie

Now about those accessories...
#1 A Sunblocking Hat

For all the time you'll be spending in the broad daylight, you'll need a wide-brimmed hat to block some of the sun. Not only does it protect you from those viscous UV rays, it will also make every outfit summer ready.

#2 A Strappy Sandal

Whether it be flat, heeled, or on a wedge, any strappy sandal will complete your summer outfit. Run over for your bright summer pedicure, because these guys are must.

#3 A Small Bag

For all the festivals and parties you'll be heading too, you will be so happy to have a tiny bag to stuff your necessities in (see ours here). Tuck away your huge winter bag and trade it in for something smaller and far less fussy.

#4 Face-Framing Lenses

The perfect pair of sunglasses can make every outfit... not to mention protect your eyes from the sun (can you tell we love multi-tasking?) Finding the perfect pair can be tricky (we are still on hunt ourselves), but once you discover your sunny soulmate, life will be complete. Cosmo has a great reference guide here.

#5 Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces are so great for summer because they add a simple something to your slew of already easy breezy outfits. They can be worn day-to-day and create way less of a hassle while still looking great. Wear one or pile them on... it's up to you!

Now, we're not saying to throw your old basics out the window! Remember that layering tank? It will go great atop your new lightweight pants. And don't stop there! Incorporate your layered necklaces, a great pair of strappy sandals, and a satchel for the ultimate summer look! Reinvent your old, but mix in the new. Your wardrobe will thank you.

Truly Yours,

P.S. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo de Vinci  

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