Thursday, June 5, 2014

20 in their 20s

It is no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most competitive there is. With so many young souls, such as ourselves, dreaming of becoming fashion royalty, achieving such a goal at such an early age is worthy of acknowledgment. This list is a culmination of young men and women who have accomplished amazing feats in just 20 years of life. 

20 In Their 20s (in no particular order)

1. Cara Delevigne - Model (21)
2. Karlie Kloss - Model (21)
3. Leandra Medine – The Man Repeller (26)
4. Annie Georgia Greenberg - Refinery29 Senior Style Editor  (24)
5. Olivia Palermo - Fashionista (28)
6. Lauren Conrad - Designer (28)
7. Chiara Ferrangi – The Blonde Salad (27)
8. Jourdan Dunn - Model (23)

9.  Aleali May - Stylist/Model (22)
10. The Olsen Twins - Designers The Row and Elizabeth and James (27)
11. Olivier Rousting - Designer Balmain (28)

12.  Sophia Amoruso - Founder and CEO Nasty Gal (29)

13. Mark Anthony Green - Editorial Assistant GQ (26)

14. Calypso Lawrence - PR & Marketing Director Prabal Gurung (26)

15. Jensen Adoni - Shoe Designer Modern Vice (24)

16. Shayne Oliver - Designer Hood By Air (26)

17. Wes Gordon - Designer Wes Gordon (27)

18. Tanya Taylor - Designer Tanya Taylor (28)

19. Yang Li - Designer Yang Li (26)

20. Jonathan William Anderson - Designer J.W. Anderson (29)

Now, if that rockin' list doesn't leave you as driven as ever... 
We're definitely inspired!
 Truly Yours,

 P.S. "Measure success by satisfaction, not salary." - Calypso Lawrence 

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