Monday, April 28, 2014

How-to: SHOP!

The first and most important step of building your perfectly personalized wardrobe is the action of obtaining all those pieces - a.k.a. It's time to shop. We're on the edge of our seats after just hearing the word, but we know that poppin' tags isn't as pleasurable for everyone. While we all do it (some of us because we love to... some of us because we have to), we find it quite true that the common pastime of shopping can become quite the stressful task. For those of us who take the term retail therapy literally, it can be dangerous to shop without limits. And for those who hate the practice, shopping with guidelines can turn the whole experience around. To guide you through your spring shopping marathons, we bring you some shopping tips and trick we always keep in mind. Read up to discover how every shopping experience can be beneficial to your wardrobe and abolish buyer's remorse! What a perfect world that would be, right?!

Don't restrict yourself to one outfit
A lot of people love to find a complete outfit every time they shop. Sometimes, instead of insuring the piece you want will have the perfect ensemble, this technique can not only cause you to spend excess money, but can also put a damper on your creativity. Instead of finding an entire cohesive outfit in the store you're in, trust your ability to play around with this new piece. Introduce it to the other pieces that are already in your closet. A closet with great essentials can welcome almost any new garment. 

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Try on things that catch your attention
If it's a browsing kind of day and you have time to try things on, by all means, do so. Try on things you are attracted to, even if you're unsure of them. Clothing looks much different on the body than it does on the hanger. In fashion, we like to call those fabulous pieces with no hanger appeal sleepers. Just because they sleep on the rack doesn't mean they wont look fabulous on your body!
Shop where you can return
To avoid buyer's remorse, or to skip the dressing rooms when you're running low on time, shop at places with fabulous return policies. (Tip: Nordstrom has one of the best return policies around.) There's nothing wrong with bringing back a piece that may not fit into your wardrobe or on your body as well as you had thought. After all, why keep something you know you will never wear...
Hunt for the hottest deal on trendy pieces
When spending money on trendy pieces that you aren't likely to wear next season, take the time to search for the best deal you can get. You never know what you might find on wonderful world wide web.
Get creative
Think creatively while shopping. Instead of throwing down a chunk of change for those distressed designer jeans, put your DIY mind to work. Us bloggers really do have a knack for sharing the latest and greatest when it comes to copying trendy fashion looks on your own time. Search "How-to distress your jeans"... grab an old pair... cut away...spend $0. You're welcome :)

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Grab it at a discount
While some people stick up their nose at the thought of a sale rack or discount store, this is where the real gold can be found. While we admit some things are on sale for a reason, often times those racks at the back of the store are where you can find some of the best pieces anxiously waiting to be personalized. For those online shopping addicts, (join the club) sites like Gilt and Haute Look sell specifically discounted items and offer some of the best finds. We highly recommend checking them out... but be warned, you will be broke before you know it. 

Know your closet
Keep a mental inventory of what you already have (even a list in your phone, if you must) to avoid buying things you don't need. It's obvious that if you're attracted to something once, you will be attracted to it again. So, knowing what to avoid and having items in mind will make your whole experience substantially less overwhelming. 

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Finally, always remember that it's okay (actually, it's encouraged) to splurge on basics. We say it all the time, your closet essentials are your best friends, so they might as well be quality ones! 

Though this isn't a foolproof plan for controlling those crazy shopping instincts, these tricks can help you from getting overwhelmed while browsing and assure you are spending wisely. Play around with these ideas to find the perfect shopping tactic for you, then share it with us because we can surely use a few more guidelines... have you seen our closets?!...

Truly yours,

P.S. “Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.” - Karl Lagerfeld

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