Thursday, April 24, 2014

5 Fashion Misconceptions

"Oh, you're in fashion?..." Cue judgmental stares. 
"You just play with clothes all day, so what." 
"So likeeee can you make me something?..."
Believe us, we have heard it all. It does seem that the second you say you are a part of this industry you are instantly connected to the hundreds of negative and plainly absurd stereotypes that surround it. To the surprise of many, this industry is much more than a surface-level profession. We are passionate human beings filled with creativity and drive. Life in fashion is hardly as glamorous as it seems. We know - shocking. Let's face it, Anna Wintour really does say it best. 

To clear the air and give credit where much credit is due, we bring you our Top Five Fashion Misconceptions:

1. Everyone in fashion is judging you.
Personally, we are never ones to pass judgement. If you are being you, then more power to ya. The notorious "glance-over" is not because you're wearing an awful outfit. We're observing. We're curious and infinitely creative creatures always looking to expand and discover new forms of inspiration. Take it as a compliment. You have created a reaction with your clothes -- that's amazing. 

2. Our lives are just so glamorous.
The fashion industry may be one of the most competitive markets in the world. Yes, there are extravagant parties, fashion shows, and events, and on the surface the glamour is undeniable, but along with it all comes TONS of hard work. Someone has to be the infamous  free-of-charge coffee-attaining, sample-bagging, errand girl. That goes alongside computing lots of mathematical data, writing formal works, and literally calculating trend forecasts. 

3. You need to be skinny to thrive.
The industry is actually going through a huge change. With designers such as Rick Owens and the CFDA passing the Health Initiative, the dangerously skinny stereotype is walking out the door. There is now a general acceptance that women just don't look like that. Slowly but surely fashion will have a whole new image. Healthy is in, skinny is out. 

4. If it's not designer, it's irrelevant.
We don't care about the designer on our label... We care about quality. We appreciate designers as others appreciate artists. Their craftsmanship is what we pay for. Brand names are a part of the consumer society. They are what the market choses to use as status symbols. The public decides the trends. We simply guide them. In fact, big box retailers like Zara and Topshop are just as influential as Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors. These stores are what determine whats in and whats out because they have a connection with the general public that high-end designers do not. 

5. Fashion only applies to "fashionable people."
This could not be farther from the truth. We preach personal style - the concept that no matter who you are or what you do you have a style and a statement worth making. Just because you may not read all the magazines, stalk the red carpets and runways, or shop excessively doesn't mean this amazing industry hasn't played a part in your day. Take it away, Miranda!

Aaaaaaaand end rant... :) Fashion really is an amazing industry that we are beyond proud to be a part of. We do hope that you all have fun with it! Really, fashion should not be taken so seriously - just be you. 

Truly Yours,

P.S. "Just because you like to put on a beautiful Carolina Herrera dress or a pair of J Brand blue jeans, instead of something basic from K-Mart, doesn’t mean that you’re a dumb person” - Anna Wintour 


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