Monday, March 10, 2014

How-to: Spring Break Packing

While we're still dreaming of warmth here in Chicago, we're beyond excited that Spring Break has arrived!  It's time to pack those bags and hit the beach, but what exactly do we need to bring?... We know all about that oh-so-pesky task of packing, and if you're one of those lucky ones shipping off to somewhere warm, check out these tips and tricks on what to pack and how to make the whole process a little easier (and still have room in your suitcase for souvenirs)!

The best way to keep your luggage underweight, and avoid those annoying overweight fees, is to skip the shorts and bring a variety of easy dresses. These can be great for over your swim suit, running around during the day's festivities AND for going out at night. Shop dresses: Urban Outfitters / Nordstrom / H&M

A maxi dress can become your most wearable piece on vacation. During the day you will look adorable with sandals and a sunhat, and for your night out you can easily throw on some wedges and a statement necklace to dress it up. The extra fabric is great for keeping warm when nights turn chilly. 

Though we think dresses are often the easiest vacay piece, of course there are some adventures where shorts are necessary. Bring a few distinctly different pairs so you have any occasion covered. Shop shorts: Forever 21 / Nordstrom / ASOS

Silk printed shorts with your wedges will be perfect for a night out on the town, while your most relaxed pair will be great for hiking and scoping out the local daytime scene. Don't forget to pack some sneakers too! They will definitely be necessary for adventuring.

These three shoes are really all you need! We know it's tempting to bring options, believe us, but a basic wedge, gladiator, and sneaker will cover it all. Keep a neutral color scheme in mind as your packing so you can easily mix-and-match throughout the trip. Shop shoes: Forever 21 / Zara / Converse

This color scheme will really eliminate the endless amounts of tops you feel necessary to pack. Just like your shoes, versatility with these pieces is key. Black, white, and one colored piece will leave you with endless outfit options. 
Shop tops: Topshop / H&M / American Apparel

A smaller purse that can easily go from day to night is a must. Again, stay neutral in order to compliment all your outfits. Satchels are great for eliminating worry and keeping hands-free during your relaxation time. Also, don't forget a bag that you aren't afraid to get a little sandy. You will need it to transport your sunscreen and headphones to the beach! 
Shop bags: ASOS / H&M / Urban Outfitters

Cheap sunglasses and a hat are so necessary to protect your eyes and skin from all those UV rays. Keep in mind that the ocean waves love to eat up eye ware, so leave those Ray-Ban and Prada shades at home, honey. 
Shop hats & glasses: H&M / Urban Outfitters / H&M

Grab your smallest cosmetic bag because we're keeping it minimal! A tinted moisturizer will keep your skin from getting too dry from the sun. This one even contains 15 SPF for extra protection. With your brand new sun-kissed glow, a skin toner and some mascara will be all you need. Let the new rejuvenated you shine! Also, some Aloe is never a bad idea, especially if you are prone to total lobster status. 
Shop cosmetics: Lush / Benefit

You should be covered with just a few swimsuit options. Bring multiple tops with a few bottoms that blend with them all! Say it with us: "Mix-and-match! Mix-and-match!" 
Shop suits: Target / H&M / Forever 21

Pack a light beach cover-up for walking from your hotel to the ocean front. Anything that matches your suits and your sunhat will be perfect to throw on! 
Shop cover-ups: Free People / Topshop / Victoria's Secret

In case nights get a little chilly, bring a versatile cardigan and even a light jacket. You never know how the weather could turn!
Shop jackets: Forever 21 / Zara / Free People

It's funny how these few items can quickly fill up a suitcase. But, what's even funnier is how closely they relate back to the basics. When packing, it's a great idea to think about your essentials. Those staples pieces in your closet will get you by and leave your resort wear looking easy-breezy.
 Safe travels!

 Truly Yours, 

P.S. "I get ideas about what's essential when packing my suitcase." - Diane von Furstenberg

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