Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inside Our Closets

Your closet is the home to your clothes (or perhaps your floor is, but you get what we're going for...) The point is, where your clothes live should be taken care of just as well as where you live. After all, your clothes have feelings too. Your closet should inspire you to get dressed every morning, not leave you feeling as if you have nothing to wear. It should encourage you to make new outfits and reinvent old ones easily. Now, here is a peek into our closets! See how our clothes live and how we organize our lives so that creating the perfect outfit everyday has no obstacles. 

Bri's Closet
Hello, my name is Bri, and I am a shopaholic. Though I may not be as bad as some people... *cough, cough - Samantha* ;) I just cannot resist a fabulous addition to my collection. As the organized freak that I am, my closet must always be in tip-top shape. All my clothes are itemized and then organized by color in their varying categories. You should truly treat all your clothes just as if they were all designer pieces. An organized closet is a MUST.

Though my dream closet would actually look something like this, I can definitely make due with what I have by staying organized. Walking into my closet is the best part of every single morning. Here are my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Obviously they are all neutral because black and grey are the best colors in the rainbow. I can always rely on these pieces, and because of their basic premise, I will never get sick of them... which happens on a regular basis with majority of my closet... Oh well!

1. My Zara sweatshirt dress - Perfect for those lazy days. 
2. My embellished Urban clutch - The best way to glam up any outfit. 

3. My Zara studded sweater/blazer - Great for work or play. 
4. My new TopShop tulle skirt - For those playful spring days soon to come... Let's hope...

Samantha's Closet
My closet is my favorite ever-growing and ever-changing creative space. It absolutely always has to be organized in some strategic way - usually by color, sometimes by clothing type, length, or fabric. You see, re-organizing my closet is one of my favorite past times. Does that make me lame? Oh well. Shaking up the way you look at yours clothes is so positively important for keeping yourself inspired by your wardrobe and helps you from doing too much over-shopping. Well... It doesn't really help me, but I like to keep telling myself I have self-control ;) 

Some of my favorite pieces in my closet have surprised me by being commonly PINK. I guess I just love a great print and color combo, what can I say?! You see the difference in Bri and I clearly when looking at my pieces. They aren't practical or versatile at all like hers. Instead, these are the pieces that I wish I could wear everyday, but honestly only get to bring out every great once in a while. I love these kinds of pieces because they make those days special for me.

1. My Free People maxi button down - I can't wait to whip this guy out more in spring 
2.  My new Topshop light pink top - I've been obsessing over this color trend ever since fashion week. 

3. My Topshop paisley crop - I love to brighten up as many days as I can with this piece in the summer. So fun!
4.  My Zara paisley bomber - Do you see a trend here? Paisley obsessed!

Spring Cleaning has arrived! For advice on clearing out those crowded closets, PLEASE contact us for help weeding out unwanted clothes, making room for the new, and organizing it all to perfection. :) Happy shopping! 

Truly Yours,

P.S. "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet." - Carrie Bradshaw 

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