Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hump Day Inspiration: Monochromatic Madness

Let's go Monochrome! This week's Hump Day inspiration details a trend we've been obsessing over for the past few seasons because - hello! - it's so versatile. With one color head-to-toe, you can go totally casual or effortlessly elegant without having to worry about perfect coordination. Rock a jumpsuit or just mix together a few different shades and you will be monochrometastic! It translates great into your home or special event decor, too! Since we're all about the easy breezy looks lately, we thought we'd share the love. Whether its fifty shades of gray (or whatever other color tone that compliments your personal style) get inspired to put together your very best monochromatic looks. 

Don't forget to check out and follow our Monochrome Pinterest board for more colorful creations!

Truly Yours,

P.S. "Clothes and jewellery should be startling, individual. When you see a woman in my clothes, you want to know more about them." — Alexander McQueen

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