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How-to: Accessories

We know it's not second nature to everyone to pile on the jewels and still feel personalized, so we're here to be your guiding light with a road map to make accessorizing simple. While, in fashion, rules are usually made to be broken, we want to ease accessorizing your life by providing some "how-to" tips and tricks for when bling is your thing. These guidelines are just that. Guidelines. They are not at all strict demands or the only way to wear jewelry. Accessories provide a generous amount of room for play, so take these suggestions and put your own twist on them! Make them truly you! 

Tip 1: Mind your neckline. 

Scoop Neck
Similar Necklaces: Topshop / Nordstrom / Forever 21

When wearing a scoop neck, long necklaces work really well. They can create a great contrast in proportion to the neckline. It can be really fun to play with the shapes your jewels make in relation to the shape of your neckline. This is our favorite way to create interesting visual lines. 

Similar Necklaces: Urban Outfitters /  Zara / Nordstrom

With a v-neck comes a lot of bare skin waiting to be adorned. An awesome, short and rounded statement piece will contrast the pointed neck and bring attention upwards and towards the face.

High Neckline
Similar Necklaces: Urban Outfitters / H&M / ASOS

Similar to a v-neck, a high neckline also allows for a blank canvas. A short necklace will fill the neckline without creating negative space that a chain of a long necklace would. 

Tip 2: Layer similar lengths and shapes.

When layering necklaces, the rules seem to reverse themselves. Deeper necklines call for shorter layers and higher necklines call for longer layers. This way the shapes created by the layers aren't interrupted by the cut of your top.

Tip 3: Minimally mix metals.

Mix metals in small doses. Once you do this, your choices in handbags, belts, shoes, etc. all expand considering you're free to rock silver or gold. 

Tip 4: Simplify the earrings.
Neither of us rock earrings on the reg. We just happen have more fun playing with other accessories, so a basic stud is all we need. For those girls who love to glam-up their lobes, the guidelines are simple! Statement earrings can often take the place of a necklace. So, with bigger earrings stick with more simplistic jewels throughout the rest of your look and visa-versa. One statement piece it often all you need.

Tip 5: Create a total look. 

Whether you want to wear statement jewels or dainty chains, choose your total look and stick with it. 
A Casual Day
A day out shopping with your girl friends is a great time to have fun with accessories. A statement necklace and bag paired together are enough to jazz up an outfit composed of your favorite basics.

Get the Look
Similar Cardigan - H&M
Similar Top - The Limited
Jeans - Gap
Similar Wedges - Macy's
Similar Clutch - Aldo Shoes
Necklace - Fringe Accessories

Date Night
On date night, let your beauty do the talking and your eyes to the sparkling. Stick to elegant and dainty pieces to quietly accentuate your outfit. 

Get the Look
Similar Dress - Forever 21
Similar Kimono - Nordstrom
Shoes - Steve Madden
Similar Stone Ring - Aldo Shoes
Good Luck Ring - Knot & Splice
Moon and Star Bracelet - Vale Jewelry
Mineral Cuff - Free People

Office Glam
At the office you want to keep it classy. However, this doesn't mean you can't accessorize! Sticking with chic and simple metals adds some shine to your look without being too much. 

Get the Look
Similar Dress - Zara
Similar Booties - Steve Madden
Similar Necklace - H&M
Similar Bracelets - H&M
Watch - Gucci

The key to accessorizing is to complete a look with your jewelry, not overpower it. So when pulling together those fabulous day-to-day looks remember: every type of neckline does have a perfect necklace to match, it's easy to mix it up by layering necklaces and mixing metals, and most importantly just have fun. Jewelry is just another way emphasize your personal style - so bling it up, play it down, whatever you want! As long as you’re loving it, it will show and you will rock your day with style. 

Truly Yours,

P.S. "Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it." - Marc Jacobs

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