Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DIY: Paper Flowers

You may have spotted our cute paper flowers in our home post...

While we love the idea of a home that is truly you, we can attest to the costs that come with such decorating tastes. When you spend all your money on clothes, there's nothing like a great DIY to brighten up any penny-pincher's day! For your sad white walls, these patterned flowers are guaranteed to spruce up your space. They're quick and easy too! Check out how to make them in just seven easy steps:

What you'll need:
Patterned paper
Flower stencils - find ours here
Brad fasteners
A black marker

Step One: Choose your papers. Pick two papers - either two patterns that go together, or a pattern and a solid color.

Step Two: Choose your flowers. Choose two flower shapes that work well paired. 

Step Three: Trace stencil. Trace each stencil onto the back of your paper choices.

Step Four: Cut out each stencil. 

Step Five: Fold. Give the top layer a little dimension by lightly folding up the petals.

Step Six: Dot the center for the brad fastener.

Step Seven: Attach the flowers together with the brad fastener. 

VoilĂ ! You did it.

Now do 20 more and you will have a beautiful new floral party for your wall! 

What's your favorite home DIY? Send your crafts our way and maybe we'll feature them in a post to come!

Truly Yours,

P.S. “I don’t think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Design isn’t like marriage. You don’t have to commit for life.” - Ross Cassid

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