Monday, February 17, 2014

The Basic Necessities

Our first week of blogging has flown by! Let's just take a second and review what we have learned:

Personal Style.
Personal Style.
Personal Style.

Has it sunk in?! We want to help you all find a style that is Truly You...

So, how does one go about building a personal style, you ask? 

Of course, we could continue to say "find inspiration and display it through your clothing", but then you'd just be left confused and perhaps even clueless on where to start. usual...don't you worry because we have a pretty great roadmap to getting started on building your very own Personal Style. Like most things, the construction of a style that is truly you has a foundation - you must start with the basics!

Building a wardrobe can be hard work, but we're going to lay out where you can start in just 5 necessary clothing items and 5 essential accessories. 

#1 A layering tank

Basics are great for both bringing your look together and even dressing it up/down. Layering tanks are one of our favorite pieces. We use them all the time underneath shirts that aren't long enough, as a piece to break up textures, or even alone with a busy pair of leggings.

Grab a layering tank: Ours from H&M  /  Nordstrom  /  Forever 21

#2 The Perfect Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

The perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, while not always easy to hunt down, are absolutely an essential. The perfect fit can take years to find (as it did in our cases) but believe us, you will live in them (and they will be worth your money!) Boyfriend jeans are great for giving any outfit a laid-back look. You can even spice them up with a pair of heels to be ready for a casual date night!
Grab some boyfriend jeans: Ours from Marc x Marc Jacobs  /  Topshop  /  Gap

#3 A Great Blazer

A fabulous blazer will be your go-to basic to dress up ANYTHING. A blazer can completely pull together an outfit for many occasions. Even if blazers don't seem like they'd fit into your personal style, keep your eye out, because they really do come in all colors, shapes, lengths, and sizes!
Grab a blazer: Ours from H&M  /  Nordstrom  /  Zara

#4 A Leather Jacket

A leather jacket can be used to easily dress things down and add a bit of edge when needed. So, you want to wear that brand-new-super-fancy dress to Girls' Night Out? Don't nix it for being too over-the-top. Anything can be tamed down and made more playful by simply throwing on your leather jacket. 
Grab a leather jacket: Ours from Zara  /  Topshop  /  Urban Outfitters

#5 A Little Black Dress

Last on our essential clothing list is that perfectly fitted Little Black Dress. Your go-to for anything, from a fashion show to a surprise date. You'll look appropriate for every occasion in Coco Chanel's favorite fashion staple.

Grab a LBD: Ours from Akira Chicago  /  Nordstrom  /  Zara

Now we know these pieces alone can't tie you together in every fashion emergency, so on to the ACCESSORIES...

#1 A Black Boot

First things first, you're not going to make any outfit complete without a flawless pair of black boots. Whether you want them to give your style an industrial, equestrian-chic, minimalistic, or whatever feel, a good pair of booties will have you covered. Splurge on the best pair that perfectly suit you!

Grab a pair of boots: Ours from Nordstrom  /  Urban Outfitters  /  Zara

#2 A Basic Heel

For those other occasions, when boots just aren't enough glam, you need the perfect pair of heels that make you feel both confident and sexy. These can take you everywhere - from the office to the club - so concentrate on the most wearable pair for you. Black and nude are our favorite colors to have on hand!

Grab a heel: Ours from Aldo Shoes  /  Steve Madden  /  Nordstrom

#3 A Giant Scarf

From warmth to style, a great scarf can really cover it all! Find your perfect color, size, and texture for those days when your neck is just a little too bare. 

Grab a scarf: Ours from Zara  /  Nordstrom  /  Urban Outfitters

#4 A Statement Necklace

When scarves don't quite do your neckline enough favors, try resorting to a bold statement necklace. Be sure to find one that's truly you to easily make any outfit look perfectly personalized.

Grab a statement piece: Ours from Topshop  /  Zara  /  H&M

#5 A Quality Handbag

And, finally, your most useful basic will definitely be a quality handbag. Since this is something you're sure to utilize almost everyday, the splurge will be well worth it. Just make sure to choose one that fits perfectly into your color palette to rock it with every look. 

Grab a new handbag: Ours from Rebecca Minkoff  /  Marc x Marc Jacobs  /  Rachel Roy

As essential closet staples, it is okay to splurge on these pieces! When you find the perfect piece, snatch it up! Believe us, it will be worth it. It always comes down to the basics! 

Truly Yours,

P.S. "It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together." - Alexander McQueen

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