Friday, February 14, 2014

New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up

"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future... 
this is known as Fashion Week." - Carrie Bradshaw

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week A.K.A. those seven days in February and September where we're glued to our MacBooks living vicariously through eagerly awaiting the patterns for future trends. We just can't get enough! Ever! 

And yet here we are, narrowing down what seemed like millions of shows to precisely one show each to share with you all. What were we absolutely crazy about? What show just blew us away? It's funny you ask, because we've finally come up with an answer. 

Samantha's Pick

What's to brag about in a week full of almost always predictable re-invented trends, silhouettes, and colors getting obsessive attention for their label on the runway? Well, I'll tell you... Innovation.

For me, the most innovative show that came from New York Fashion Week was that of Mr. Alexander Wang

Wang immediately set the stage for his show when he sent out the heat-sensitve "appearing ink" invitations reading that the show would be at the Duggal Greenhouse in... dun dun dunnnnn... BROOKLYN where show attendees would be taken to by boat. This huge leap of faith succeeded at attracting the fashionistas of New York and made Wang's show  "The Show to Be At".

With a collection noted to be inspired by survival/extreme conditions, Wang took this concept and turned it into functionality. His fabrications absolutely blew me away.

And, to top it off, just when you think the finale walk is on its way, Wang sends out a whole new collection of models in black fabric that is - get this! - heat sensitive. Its colors changed as the models rotated on a lazy-susan on the runway. Wang's show was nothing like any of the others I saw this week. How does the man do it?

Your next must-have (or must-copy) accessories...

Bri's Pick

Though I DIE for the street style pics of the most fabulous of fabulous fashionistas scurrying from show to show, stalking every single designer collection is basically what I live for.

As the indecisive human being that I am, determining my “favorite” collection has the potential to keep me up at night. This season, however, I knew the moment that I saw the first chunky knit gray and white sweater walk down the runway that I was in love.

Yes, Prabal Gurung, yes. Prabal in fact does top my list of all time faves, so I do kind of rely on him to make my jaw drop, which has happened every season. Overall his work is so tasteful, he knows how to push the boundries while still showing purely elegant pieces.

This season the collection did get some mixed reviews, but what I love so much about Prabal Gurung is that he is an evolving designer. Every season seems to bring out a new side of him and it is really inspiring to follow. His Fall 2014 collection featured beautifully draped gowns ready to walk off the runway and onto every single red carpet, glorious contrast of thick knits against wispy silk chiffon skirts, and the most amazing wraps. I need it all now.  

Seeing these perfectly styled pieces on beyond perfect humans can be discouraging, don’t we know it, but it’s always good to remember that these things are beyond realistic and that looking at these amazing pieces of art can be so inspiring. These collections are the personal styles of these designers, so it makes sense that you may not gravitate toward every single element, but take the parts that you love, look at your wardrobe and create! Now please bare with us as we attempt to do just that…

Alexander Wang:                              Samantha:

Prabal:                                             Bri: 

So we challenge you to a little homework...
Check out the shows. Let them inspire you. There's no need to be intimidated by the labels. 
Fashion week is all about looking forward and allowing your personal style to evolve alongside these designers'. Make it truly your own.

Truly yours,
P.S. "Playing dress-up starts at age five and never truly ends." - Kate Spade

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  1. Thanks for your sweet email! Loved this post and loved both of your picks. I had a chance to attend NYFW last fall and it was such an incredible experience. Best of luck w the blog!!

    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully we will be abel to say that we have gone someday soon :)



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